Worksound International is an exhibition programming enabling diverse international practices.
Our programming is intended to create social engagement between international artists and local communities.


Modou Dieng
Jesse Siegel
Alex Bissonnette
André Filipek


Carla Arocha
Jodie Cavalier
Ryan Crisman
Jason Doizé
Mack McFarland
Samantha Wall

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Worksound International is a continuation of the original Worksound project. After five years dedicating the programming agenda to cutting edge regional and national artists we are now focusing our attention to international practice. 

Our objective is to enable conversations between Portland and the international community. For this, we have created video interviews between our exhibited artists and Portland-based artists. These are simple yet very well produced 20 minute videos which we share online. At the same time, we will be doing a series of travelling suitcase exhibitions, bringing regional and American artists to diverse international locations.

We consider the growing importance of Portland on the national level to be an indication of things to come on the international stage. 

From tourism to business, Portland is becoming a beacon of innovation, craftsmanship and authenticity which is being emulated by others, but which also needs to be influenced by more diverse cultural participation to continue to grow into a world class city. We think that from these early steps we could create the stage for a conference of international emerging artists in Portland.

The Worksound International team and our board of advisors are very proud to have received funding from the Precipice Fund, Calligram Foundation/Allie Furlotti and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to jump-start this effort.

Remarks delivered at the Precipice Fund ceremony
December 11th, 2014