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  • Simon Bolivar 67, Suit 30, Centro Historico Mexico City MEXICO (map)
Curated by Modou Dieng and Andre Filipek 

Brandi Kruse
Carly Mandel
Brenna Murphy
Keegan O'Keefe
geetha thurairajah
Eileen Isagon Skyers 

Feb 6th, 2016 - Feb 8th, 2016
Simon Bolivar 67, Suit 30, Centro Historico, Mexico City 

Opening reception Feb 6th, 6-8PM
Exhibition open by appointment
Call or text: (+14154973104)

A car is not a car unless it goes, and information cannot be used unless it is understood.

Objects don't have to identify themselves concretely when they live in a transient state. The flow of information, and the lifespan of the object more often than not plays directly into the value systems that govern it. 
Whether it pertains to the impermanence of upgrade culture, or the history and time with which a pre-Cambrian stone is loaded judgement, here, is a preclusion of the object's very presence. 

Worksound International is proud to present: A suitcase exhibition of original works that are a product of their own transmission., will travel to Mexico City from Portland, Oregon in a checked suitcase under 50lbs, debuting upon their arrival. 
We reflect upon the limits of file sizes, data quantities, shipping weights, carry-on sizes as they relate to information and objects of intangible, private, historical, and personal value.