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Fast Forward

Fast Forward: Curated by Modou Dieng and Mack McFarland. 
May 8-22 Worksound International Portland. 
June 12-18 Städelschule Frankfurt.


Friday, May 8th. 6 - 9 PM

Worksound International
820 SE Alder St, Portland. OR

We are very excited to introduce our first international suitcase exhibition featuring artists working in Portland, OR. 

Worksound International’s “Travel with Art” program gives emerging artists from the United States access to communities around the world. Each exhibition fosters ideas linked to the correlation between art and manufacturing. 

Our attempt with this show is to draw a sort of contrast with mega exhibitions that is pretty much an impossibility for any graduating young artist to take part of. By borrowing from Duchamp's boite-en-valise we are addressing the historical context with the concept also as a clin d'oeil to a sort of romantic past when the artist suitcase was a boite full of surprise and precious ideas. In contrast we now have biennial and fairs costing millions in shipping artworks. Modou Dieng

Artists have always been radical and conceptual entrepreneurs. Today the production, pre-, post-, and otherwise, of an artwork are all well within the mix of the exhibition. In a flurry of self and crowd proliferation, streams of exhibitionism upon the screen glows. We can liken this to a kind of TMI of art practice, fascinating to witness and lending itself to an emancipation of the artwork and artist for an audience craving to consume, comprehend, and connect to creatives the world over. Fast Forward aims to make a physical manifestation of these connective desires in a suitcase exhibition schlepped from Portland to Frankfurt. Building from the corollary of the ancillary, digesting the byproduct nature of maintaining our avatar to the production of art and living life, Fast Forward showcases works and projects from artists that are either a segment from a larger work, an adaptation of a piece, or process based productions which lead to another body of work. The importance of modularity within individualized artworks, nay artists, continues to grow in importance as the 21st Century progress to a post-capitalism agenda. 

As Eileen Isagon Skyers writes in one of her artworks in Fast Forward: “Instead of having a cigarette after sex, you are looking at your iPhone, and then suddenly you're answering emails.” Mack McFarland


Jodie Cavalier
Andre Filipek 
Kristan Kennedy
Brenna Murphy 
Mark Palmen 
Eileen Isagon Skyers
Roy Tomlinson 
Samantha Wall 

Later Event: July 24
Terminus Klause